Agape Vision

A meal is messy: dead things have been cooked, chopped, scooped, chewed, and swallowed.  There are crumbs, smears, and piles of dirty dishes.  But through this process—which happens over and over every day—God keeps us alive. The diverse variety of flavors, textures and colors add richness and spice to our lives.  People are messy too.  There is sin, attitudes, and differing points of view.  Though our differences often clash, God uses us to accomplish His purposes.  At our Agape messy food has been seasoned and made savory; messy people have been forgiven and redeemed.  As we gather together to share food and fellowship, we feed our souls as well as our tummies.

Goals of the Agape:
Ø      Strengthen fellowship and brotherly kindness
Ø      Be a joy-filled celebration
Ø      Be hospitable to visitors
Ø      Promote a spirit of service as we put on this meal every week: sharing food, setting out and clean up for each other.