Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Summer Meal

Sandwiches and watermelon were what our agape meal was all about this Sunday.

We had at least three Caesar salads but I think that every one was gone or almost gone. I thought this one was lovely with the colors from the tasty fresh vegetables that were added.

I just love our fellowship meal in the summer. Caesar salad and a sandwich is the perfect Sunday afternoon lunch to me. And when we've finished we can go outside to visit in the warm, sunny weather while the kids run around on the steps or the grass.

What dishes do you look for at the Agape meal?


  1. I always look for a good green salad at the beginning of the line. It has to be pre-dressed, and having lots of colorful vegetables in with the lettuce helps. After I've got my salad, it's on to the main dishes. Favorites are: any of Minden's soups, Agata's goulash, my mom's quiche.

  2. Well, I'm making 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce. Thought I could use some for Sunday. How do we like our pasta, long noodles, macaroni shape? I don't want to make lasagne, though.

  3. Amanda,
    One of the things I have been thinking about a lot (since I'm nearing the end of my year of exclusion) is what sort of dishes I will be bringing to the Agape...and what impact that will have on our food budget.

    Now, I know that it's ok to use our rejoicing tithe, but we like to use that to pay for camp, and paying for camp already goes a little over a tenth of our tithe, so I wouldn't want to use any more of it for Agape food.

    That said, it seems like making good, feast-worthy Agape food will take up about a quarter of our food budget every month. I was wondering if you could address this in a future post -- ideas for making inexpensive (but still good-looking and delicious) Agape dishes.

  4. I love the Caesar salads and always look for Minden's soups, even if it is 95 degress out.

  5. I agree, Rosanne, that feasting food gets expensive! Contributing more to the Agape became a higher priority for us this year and I was a bit amazed at how it added up. This is an excellent idea for a discussion topic.